Whether your business is unsuccessful or you have other reason to close a company in Slovakia, Business in Slovakia s.r.o. is able to provide company liquidation or other way to close the business such as selling a company, set up a bankruptcy process or deleting a company from the Commercial register by judicial order. Although you may feel that you are on your own at the moment, Business in Slovakia s.r.o. is here to help and guide you!

Liquidation in Slovakia is a formal insolvency process whereby a liquidator (or insolvency administrator) winds up a company’s affairs. It sells all of the insolvent businesses assets, including property, and the proceeds go to as many creditors as possible. By the end of the liquidation process, the company is completely dissolved and struck off the Commercial Register. 

A company shall be wound up for the following reasons:
  • on expiry of the period of time for which it was formed
  • on the date specified in a resolution of the shareholder (s) or the  competent organ of the company
  • on the date stated in a judicial order winding up the company
  • on termination of a bankruptcy order or on cancellation of a bankruptcy  order because the bankrupt's assets are insufficient to cover the costs of bankruptcy proceedings
  • other reasons appointed by law

If you decided or you are forced to close the business in Slovakia, Business in Slovakia s.r.o. offers you the best solution to dissolve and struck off the company from the Commercial Register. You can decide which solution fits for you the best from the time and price aspect.


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Once you give  us all necessary details, we prepare the Resolution of the Shareholders for the company  is going into liquidationBusiness in Slovakia s.r.o. will prepare all necessary documents to register all changes within the  Commercial Register and other authorities.

The company liquidation is ideal for those who decide to close their business in Slovakia and want to arrange to sell all assets and property together to dissolve and struck off the company from the Commercial register.

Together with the liquidation of the company we will provide
  • The Resolution of the Shareholders
  • The Appointment of the Liquidator 
  • The Court Application for the company  is going into liquidation
  • All ongoing accounting and tax matters handled by the Liquidator
  • The Approval from the Slovak authorities for the company to be struck off the Commercial Register.
  • The Court Application for the company to be struck off the Commercial Register.
The liquidation process in Slovakia usually takes between three and six months.

If your current business situation is critical, it may be time to consider entering a formal insolvency process. You can decide for voluntary liquidation or bankruptcy. In case you have met bankruptcy conditions you have to cease trading immediately because you do not want to be accused of wrongful trading!

In case that your company is insolvent (liabilities are higher than assets), you are oblige to file a petition to bankruptcy declaration. A creditor is entitled to initiate a bankruptcy proceeding only the debtor is unable to fulfil at least two monetary obligations to more than one creditor 30 days after their due date. Business in Slovakia s.r.o. is able to prepare and file a petition to bankruptcy declaration at the court on behalf of your company. 

We are making every process as convenience as possible for our clients. Our clients may submit their request by e-mail/call and our team will contact you instantly.


The advantages of company liquidation in Slovakia are that the company is completely deleted from the Commercial Register without any business assets have been transferred to its legal successor. The directors solve their liabilities during the liquidation process. It is also important that a liquidator remain in control of the process, and the company closes down in an orderly manner. This helps if the directors wish to start business in Slovakia again in the future.

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